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It is with great personal pain that I must inform you that Louis died of heart failure on 13 January 2009.
He was a great and gentle man, not just musically, but in all ways. All who played with him loved him.
He was a prince of shuffle, and he has indeed now shuffled off his mortal coil [1]. RIP.
[1] Yeah, dreadful pun. Louis would approve.

Update: Louis' funeral was held in Brighton on Wednesday 28 January 2009, followed by a 6-hour musical celebration of his life at the Komedia. In the order of 300 souls attended the former, and probably the same at the latter. It is something of a comfort to have observed how well-loved Louis clearly was. The sheer variety of music played was in itself a testament to Louis; huge thanks to all who came and played and/or attended. Tears were, and continue to be, shed, but we had a laugh too, remembering his (unashamedly dreadful) musician jokes, and imagining his amusement at looking down and seeing so many musicians playing - for free ;).
I'll be opening a tribute page here soon.

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